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Too Much

Today was one of those days where while I seemed to be busy doing something all day and had people with me that I was conversing with….I still felt like I was in my own world.  I’m not really sure how that is.  It was a very productive day getting to the orthodontist and getting impressions made for new retainers, went grocery shopping with Mom, making some gnocchi soup for lunch, made home made banana pudding for tonight’s dinner, and was even able to relax and watch a movie with family tonight.  Every minute of the day was taken up for the most part by activity and I was surrounded by family all day as well.  Yet I still seemed to have a lot of time to think.  More time than I like really.  I keep trying to go over things in my head and figure out what is happening.  Wondering what is going to happen.  How are things going to work out.  I have really seen who my friends are through things these past several months and who isn’t.  It hurts to see the people that I thought would always be there turn their backs.  Then there are other people that I felt I hardly knew and they have pulled through for me more than I thought possible.  Then there are the people that are always there for me.  The ones that show me time and time again just how lucky I am to have them in my life.  For those that turned away, I am sorry I let you down.  To those of you that have been there for me, thank you, you mean the world to me.  To those of you that have gone out of your way to dry my many many tears and reminded me what it feels like to smile, you are my everything and I don’t know what I would do without you.  You help me to keep my chin up even when I stumble.  To my special one, I love you.

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