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The End of the Day

I’m snuggled up in bed listening to music and trying to wined down from my day.  I have had a fairly good day other than the fact that my allergies dealt me a rather rash blow today.  I woke up with the entire left side of my face red and swollen in minors hives.  I took an allergy pill and managed to make it through the day with mild sniffles and a puffy eye.  I have decided to take it easy and wear my glasses for the next few days.  Should help my eyes to feel a bit better if nothing else.  The store’s big orders are all in and pretty much as put away as they can get so I won’t be as covered in dust as I have been the majority of the week.  That should also help a lot.  I really must say though that it wasn’t all that bad of a day.   I had a pretty good day at work then got to come home a little early and curl up in one of my new hoodies with my dog and the ladies of the house and watch our TV shows.  It was a really enjoyable night.   Now I have a super snuggly dog curled up next to me in bed.  My constant companion.  He loves me no matter what.  He listens to every word I say and is genuinely happy to spend every second he can with me no matter what we are doing.  He knows when I am sick before I do and always takes care of me.  He is my Mr. Man, as a friend of mine always says.  I use to laugh when she said it.  As time has gone by though, the nick name has really grown on me.  He loves me no matter what. He is the constant consistent man in my life.  As far as Renegade is concerned, he is all I need.  Sitting here curled up next to him, I’m pretty content with my day.

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