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Finally found a tub to put into the salon area of the basement. We have had our eye on it for a little while and finally saw the owners outside and stopped to talk to them. They we willing to part with it, so now I have a tub. Its a bit dirty but nothing a little elbow grease and a hose won’t clean off. Now i will have to clear a space out for it to fit and start organizing the salon set up to make me comfortable.  Should be a great addition to the salon. Once we get it working, I can make up some fliers and get them put up around town.  I am really excited! Flea season is rather bad and it will help to be able to actually wash dogs now. So many of the dogs on Frontline and other prescribed prevention drops still seem to be covered in fleas. It is really disheartening to see.

Poor Mr. Renegade is going to be the first to try out the tub. Poor guy is always subject to my new toys for work.  He will be clean and smell good though. Just the way I like for him to be.

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