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Don’t Have Pecan Pie on a First Date….

Went out with my Mallory tonight. I love her to pieces. We were joined by my brother and our friend Pat as well. Only one person could have made it a more than perfect night, one of these days I guess.
We had a great time laughing and reminiscing about the past. I am pretty sure we disturbed the other tables around us. The restaurant did sort of start to clear out after we got there and they stopped seating people near our little corner. Oh well, we had fun. Mal and I decided to make a pie our weekly thing. also We are going to divide up our Harry Potter Marathon this time. Instead of spending the day (or two days now) leading up to the midnight movie watching all of the previous movies, we are going to watch one every week and may have to throw in a Saturday to make them all fit. It is sort of getting hard to fit all of the in in a short period of time. The movie marathon makes the midnight movie so much fun though.

On a side note, work has been going very well. It is starting to look much more promising that we will be open some time next week. I have been building shelves and re-spacing shelves and stocking like crazy. We got in three orders today that needed to be put up in addition to the major shelving project I have been working on. Tomorrow I will be tackling the dog food cans -_- The trade show is this weekend as well so we will hopefully get some fun new stuff in for the store as well.

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