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Well, Bill made a trip out to the lumber yard to get some more of the wood we need for the tub base. I started going through salon products and things to get an inventory of what all I had and would need to get things organized and set up. We were offered tile to tile in the tub, I would really like it to be tiled, but I’m not sure how much extra work that would take to get things started. We came up with a simpler idea for running water that will make things go quicker as far as the plumbing is concerned. We can alway upgrade it as we go and the business grows. I found my grooming school certification and will be looking for a frame for it to put up in the salon area as well. I wish I had grabbed my Certificate from the seminar I went to last year, I would frame that and put it up as well. I would really like to have that to put up. Oh well guess I will just have to earn another one to put up. I have been looking through some of my product cataologs as well trying to get ideas of things i might like to invest in as the business starts to grow. We also contacted the Sharpener I got a card for and found out he is a mobile sharpener which is rather exciting as well. Since he is also a groomer, but is having to downsize from shoulder problems, it is an excellent contact that just might generate more business as well. Things are really starting to pull together.

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