My Life Head On

Sick in Bed

| November 13, 2010

Well, Mr. Renegade was sick most of last night and into today. So we spent almost all of the day in my room with me reading and him snuggled up next to me not wanting to go anywhere. I couldn’t even convince him to go outside until 6 tonight. Once I got him up though […]

Lazy Day

| November 3, 2010

I woke up today when my phone rang for someone else.  I am rather use to it so it doesn’t usually bother me other than once awake I realized I had a sharp pain in my stomach.  All I wanted was to fall back asleep and have it go away.  As I lay in bed […]

Random Fun Day

| October 31, 2010

Had a very random, but really fun day. I was able to spend the morning reading in bed which almost never happens.  Starting to really love this book I have been reading The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.  I really wasn’t a fan at first, but I really love it now. I totally recommend it though.  Later […]