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Busy as a Bee

So things have been a bit crazy lately to say the least. I said goodbye to my good friend Casey yesterday after our nice long car trip. I love him, and don’t know what I would do without him in my life. He really has been there through thick and thin.  Spent the evening with Mallory, she completes me, and my sister Amy. We drove down to Ikea and got frames and a few other things that Amy needed for her apparetment. Great store.

Woke up today and walked the dogs with my wonderful step-dad, Bill. Had a really nice chat about plans and what to do. Then, ran around with my mom a bit to help her get ready for her class reunion. Next, I had Mallory come over and within an hour of looking found a great job. I will be working at the pet store I usually buy Renegade’s dog food from, Pampered Pet, as a store manager.  The store is moving to Gurnee right next to Great Clips. Then, I went and had contacts moved over to my current phone. Came back to the house and made a huge poster for Mom for tomorrow’s parade. Then, went out for desserts with Mallory. We then went to see Easy A at the theater, which was a really funny movie. Now I am sitting here waiting for Gavin to get here to hangout. Been a fun filled few days.

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    I can’t agree more.

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    I really appreciate articles on your site. You’re doing a fine job! Thanks a lot. 🙂

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