My Life Head On

Pass the Cup

| November 28, 2010

DA BEARS!!! Yes today we had a football party and had a great day in football.  It was a blast and I am in a really great mood from it all today.  I had a good time with good friends.  I really enjoy spending time with the people that have been in my life for […]

Ups and Downs

| November 28, 2010

I had a really great time with Mallory today.  Helped her clean her room and get ready for the new family dog to come home from her grandpa’s.  It was an interesting day but I think things will be just fine as everyone settles in.  It was a really good day though.  We got to […]

Caribou, Pengins, Dogs, and Ninjas

| November 25, 2010

Mal came by today with presents! She knows me so well.  She gave me a new Caribou travel mug that is covered with the little things that make life great.  She also got me a color your own penguin t shirt! I love pengins (yes I know it is spelled wrong but that’s how I […]


| November 24, 2010

Well, we had a lot of dessert today.  We had my wonderful ice cream cake from coldstone and I also made death by s’more and we had left over cake from yesterday as well.  It was a pretty fun night. We didn’t end up playing Wii because Joey left early and Mal and I were […]


| November 23, 2010

Well with everything going on around my birthday this year I haven’t had much time to write much of anything.  Tonight I finally have a little bit of a breather.  It has been a really great week.  Thank you to everyone that has been part of it both here and long distance.  I have had […]

Let it Play Out

| November 15, 2010

Great day!!! I went back to work today.  I knew I had missed it, I just didn’t know how much I had missed it.  It was really nice to be back in the store getting things set up and ready.  I unpacked our new line of professional sports team gear.  It is really fun.  It […]

Sick in Bed

| November 13, 2010

Well, Mr. Renegade was sick most of last night and into today. So we spent almost all of the day in my room with me reading and him snuggled up next to me not wanting to go anywhere. I couldn’t even convince him to go outside until 6 tonight. Once I got him up though […]

Miss You

| November 12, 2010

I woke up today and knew I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent. I tried to take things slow this morning, but I did have a dog to groom this morning so I had to keep myself moving. I had a great time grooming Miss Emma. When I got home I figured I would catch up […]

Just Right

| November 11, 2010

It has been a really interesting last few days. One day I feel pulled to the left, and everything feels so right. I let go of the things in the back of my mind that are holding me back. I wright them off and say if it was meant to be, it would be. Then […]


| November 9, 2010

Today was just pure chaos.  Every step of every plan today seemed to get more and more complicated and rewritten as the day went on.  I feel like even the simplest of things became so complicated.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I was so excited to finally settle down after my shower and […]