My Life Head On

Coming Right Along

| August 30, 2010

Well, Bill made a trip out to the lumber yard to get some more of the wood we need for the tub base. I started going through salon products and things to get an inventory of what all I had and would need to get things organized and set up. We were offered tile to […]

Hammers Saws and Nails

| August 30, 2010

While I was grooming a cute new little maltese today, Bill took Dalton outside and started cutting up the wood we are planing to use for the tub base. I took over for Dalton when I was done grooming cute little Cotton and helped to hold the last few pieces to be measured and cut. […]

Salon is Under Way

| August 29, 2010

After bringing in the tub today we started to create the rough lay out for the salon. We weren’t really sure where we wanted to put things exactly or how everything would really fit realistically. I think we finally have a good idea of the layout now though. I am really excited to see things […]


| August 28, 2010

Finally found a tub to put into the salon area of the basement. We have had our eye on it for a little while and finally saw the owners outside and stopped to talk to them. They we willing to part with it, so now I have a tub. Its a bit dirty but nothing […]